Hello there,

My name is Victoria and here is a little something about me and why I love what I do!

I have lived in Kent all my life & have always felt extremely fortunate to live within “The Garden Of England”. The astonishing landscapes, vibrant colours & the prominent definition of seasons heightens my appreciation for our manicured countryside.

I live in a small village south of Maidstone with my family & my beloved dog Gilbert.

I have always felt passionate & taken great pride in nurturing & tending to our personal outdoor space. I have always believed that “a tidy garden is a happy garden“

I began by maintaining my elderly neighbours garden approximately 4 years ago & have consequently continued to do so. Throughout the years this developed into 4 other residents of my neighbourhood asking if I could also take care of their gardens. Moreover I began to take on more complex tasks such as planting, creating vegetable & herb gardens, landscaping & even garden clearance projects!
I enjoyed all aspects of gardening so much during this period that consequently, via word of mouth I was asked to take on more gardening maintenance & tasks. This sparked my ambition & lead to the creation of ”Daisy Roots”!
“Why not try to make a living from something I love doing, had a natural talent for & can envision wonderful results for?”
I can always find such a strong sense of fulfilment when I am able to create my customers personal space into an area that they are comfortable, relaxed & proud to spend hours in, weather this may be alone or entertaining friends & family. The little things in life matter!

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